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Serverauditor - SSH client APK

Serverauditor - SSH client APK

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Serverauditor - SSH client APK

Serverauditor - SSH client

Crystalnix Limited

Päivitetty: 2014-10-05

com.server.auditor.ssh.client.apk: 11M

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Serverauditor - SSH client APK


Using ssh primarily to use irssi on multiple remote ssh-servers. The "custom" keyboard makes it really ideal on tablets but on android phones the keyboard is so horrible that i have to use andchat or some local irc client. I know its impossible to make it work on small displays but on tablets this beats irssi connect bot by a light year. Excellent app. Definetily my most used app on my samsung tab 2 10.1"


Serverauditor - SSH client // 2014-10-05 // ServerAuditor is the most innovative SSH client ever designed for Android. The SSH client includes integrated SFTP client, multi-touch gestures support, extra keyboard panel with Ctrl, Alt, Esc, etc. With ServerAuditor you get the best user experience across all SSH clients for managing your servers on the go.

Basic Features:
✔ Full color SSH client with support of xterm, VT100 and vanilla terminal types
✔ Local, Remote and Dynamic(SOCKS) port forwarding via SSH tunnel
✔ Multiple SSH connections support
✔ External keyboard support
✔ 8 cool color schemes and adjustable font size
✔ SSH key and password authorisation
✔ RSA and DSA key generation with ability to export them to host
✔ Multi-touch support, e.g one finger swipes for arrows keys, two finger swipes for Page Up/Down, Home and End. As well as double tap for Tab
✔ Double tap on Alt and Ctrl keep them pushed for several actions - no pain with Ctrl-x Ctrl-s
✔ Output scrolling with full-screen support
✔ Copy and paste within SSH sessions and other apps
✔ Optimised for working in both portrait and landscape modes
✔ Adapted design for tablets with preview of active SSH terminal windows
✔ Fully customisable extra keyboard panel
✔ Customisation of shaking, volume buttons to activate Enter, Ctrl-z, Space or :
✔ Advanced copy functionality for instant search on Google and Server Fault
✔ Automatic distribution recognition for main UNIX and Linux operating systems, e.g Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, MacOS, FreeBSD
✔ PIN code protection
✔ Zlib traffic compression
✔ Background mode and Android notification bar integration

Premium Subscription Features(optional in-app purchase):
✔ The subscription works across all supported platforms: Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle and Google Chrome
✔ Powerful SFTP client and shell integrated SFTP widget. Classic double panel file manager that supports local and remote filesystems.
✔ Secure user data synchronisation with client-side using AES-256 encryption. Key sync is optional.
✔ Export/Import of ~/.ssh/config. Find how by this link
✔ Home Screen Widget for rapid access to your hosts and active SSH connections
✔ Tabs for fast switch between active SSH terminal windows. The best with external keyboard.
✔ Pattern lock for better security

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Server Auditor is based on JSsh library
Developed by Crystalnix team -


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